In 2008, PointCare won FDA approval for the first-ever heat-stable CD4/CD4% test reagent that can produce a result in 2 to 8 minutes (depending on instrument platform). The patented technology that underlies the PointCare NOW analyzer and reagent system issued in 2009 and is leading the entire field to match new standards for:

  • Heat-stable reagents for immuno-labeling;
  • Immuno-labeling reactions in seconds rather than many minutes or hours.

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Building on the innovations of the PointCare NOW system, the company is now embarking on the deployment of its core technology on a broad range of platforms in several fields of cellular analysis, research as well as clinical. PointCare will continue to assemble management teams that successfully commercialize product while enabling continued innovation.

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PointCare Technologies is a privately held expansion stage company whose core competency is the invention and development of groundbreaking methods in the field of cellular analysis.

PointCare was founded in 2003 by Dr. Petra Krauledat and Dr. Peter Hansen. Their patented innovations in immunohematology, flow cytometry, and infectious disease diagnostics, have repeatedly set new standards for the tools employed in cellular research. Dr. Krauledat, introduced the first commercial HIV test in Europe for Behringwerke and managed the development of the first Hepatitis C assay in the world for Johnson & Johnson’s Ortho Diagnostics/Chiron joint venture. Dr. Peter Hansen, PointCare’s technical founder holds 15 patents for innovations in flow cytometry, immunoassay technology, and nucleic acid detection. In 1980 Hansen co-invented the first automated flow cytometry system for CD4 counting in AIDS, which became the basis for all flow cytometry CD4 counting in use today. In 2010 the American Institute for Medical Biological Engineering inducted, into its College of Fellows recognizing his seminal contributions.

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