12 Parameters that Expand Diagnostic Management at the Point-of-Care

HIV Patients in developing regions typically present with complex medical conditions. Opportunistic infections can interfere with CD4 counts and require additional hematology testing for optimal management of antiretroviral therapy. In 8 minutes, the PointCare NOW reports 12 blood parameters, including a 4-part hematology differential, that give clinicians the ability to monitor concurrent conditions and provide a cross-check on CD4 counts. Internal controls automatically monitor and record 52 quality checkpoints during every sample and flag abnormalities that may require further clinical intervention. Results are printed and shown onscreen (below Right). 8,000 results are stored onboard to allow the clinician to trend diagnostic profiles over time.

12 parameters screen  

Results Provided

  • CD4 absolute count & percent
  • WBC
  • Hemoglobin concentration
  • Neutrophil count & percent
  • Monocyte count & percent
  • Hemoglobin concentration
  • Eosinophil count & percent

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