The PointCare NOW is the only FDA approved platform that extends HIV/AIDS patient care and monitoring to areas hitherto difficult to reach and to date under-served. Reporting CD4, CD4%, and hematology in 8 minutes, only the PointCare NOW expands diagnostic management of of HIV/AIDS patients at the Point-of-Care.

PointCare Now Instrument 

    • Fast
    • The PointCare NOW reports 12 blood parameters in 8 minutes allowing children & adults to leave the clinic with a test result and clinical decision.
    • Simple
    • Sample processing & data analysis are fully automated. Barcode reader and barcoded labels automate sample tracking. There is no need for highly-trained technicians.
    • Stable
    • Heat stable reagents eliminate cold chain shipping or storage. Reagents and controls are not light sensitive.
    • Safe
    • Blood samples are handled in an automated closed-tube system so the operator never comes into contact with an open blood sample.

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